Spring Show 2022 Report

Sat, 26th March Tiptree Garden Club were able once again to hold their Spring Show.

The warm but wet winter weather was a challenge for the exhibitors, the decision whether to move the pots of bulbs indoors to encourage them to flower, hopefully on time or put them in the shade to hold them back, then along comes the rain laden with Sahara sand to coat everything with a layer of fine orange dust. In spite of all the challenges the school hall looked very spring like and colourful, the perfume from the magnificent hyacinths blooms could be smelled on entry to the hall, this was the sight and smell that greeted the many visitors.

There were a few vegetable entries, 2 chilli plants, the seed for these have to be sown really earlyin the year, a parsnip, a celeriac and several splendid stems of rhubarb.

Unfortunately the number of entries across the show were down but the committee were grateful to the exhibitors who made the effort and braved Covid to put their entries to the show.

It was rewarding to see 3 of the local junior schools challenging for the inter-school shield.

The Cup Winners were:-THE CHALLENGE CUP for most points in the flower section was won by Leigh Arnold

In the daffodil class kindly sponsored by Millins of Tiptree 1st Norman Crowder 2nd Leigh Arnold & 3rd Dave Mansfield

THE HECKFORD SALVER for best flowering exhibit was won by Norman Crowder.

THE TIPTREE FLOWER CLUB SALVER for Floral Art was won by Libby Willis.

The PEGGY HATER CUP for best in the show in the floral art section was awarded to Libby Willis.

THE TIPTREE GARDEN CLUB and HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY CUP for vegetables was awarded to Leigh Arnold.

TIPTREE AND DISTRICT HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY CUP for cookery: the winner was Jane Wells..

The Cookery class kindly sponsored by Staines and Brights entitled ‘My favourite cake’ 1st Sally Oxford, 2nd Jane Wells 3rd Libby Willis

TIPTREE & DISTRICT WOMENS INSTITUTE CUP for handicrafts was won by Sally Oxford. The best in show in this section was awarded to Sally Oxford.

The class in the Handicraft Section kindly sponsored by The Cheap Shop entitled ‘An item made from ‘paper or card’ was awarded to Jane Wells.

PRESIDENT’S CHALLENGE CUP for Children under 16 years was shared between Finn Wood and Robyn Singh

THE COURTYARD KITCHENS CUP for the highest number of points in the photography classes was awarded to Norman Crowder

JOHN KENT MEMORIAL SALVER for the second highest number of points in the photography classes was awarded to Jackie Cutting.

THE ROD BRUNNING SALVER for the best photograph was won by Norman Crowder.

W.A..MARTIN MEDAL awarded to the exhibitor with the second highest number of points in the show was won by Norman Crowder.

THE WILKIN CUP awarded to the exhibitor with the highest number of points in the show was won by Leigh Arnold.


between Tiptree Heath School and Milldene School with Baynards school 3rd. The committee would like to thank the schools for making time in their busy schedules to take part in the school shield challenge.

The prizes were presented by Gordon Millin, the president of the Tiptree Garden Club .

The judges were:- Mr Peter Morris for the flower and vegetable classes, Mrs.Barbara Marcoolyn for the cookery classes; Mrs Barbara Roe for the floral art classes; Mrs. Sue Game for the handicraft and children’s classes The committee would like to thank the judges for their time and expertise in judging.

The committee would like to thank all the visitors who came to the show, the exhibitors for all the entries in spite of the weather and all the volunteers working behind the scenes who helped to make the show so successful, once again.

The Autumn Show is Sat. 3rd Sept. In this show Wilkin and Sons are sponsoring a tray

of general vegetables, there is a sponsored class for a collection of fruit, any type of fruit

can be entered.

The schedule is on the web site www. tiptreegardenclub.com The telephone numbers for

more information are 01621 813040 & 01621 817203.