Tiptree Garden Club Meeting 2021

After over a year without a meeting, we finally returned on the 1st of July.

The new safety measures meant that our meeting was much more limited than usual. We had to wear masks, sanitise our hands, and everyone had to pre-book their place in the hall. We were limited to only 30 of us. We met that limit in record time. It appears that everyone was looking forward to this meeting just as much as we were! Our speaker was the amazing Brian Carline! He did an absolutely fantastic job.

We've done it, everyone. We've survived the pandemic. We've survived the lockdown. And now we get to hang out with our friends again. It's amazing to see everyone, knowing that we're all safe, knowing that things are going well for them. Thank you, to all members of Tiptree Garden Club. Thank you for being such awesome support, such awesome friends, and being the amazing people that we are.

Let's make next month just as good, if not better!